3 Quick Fly Fishing Rod Tricks that Will Make your Life Easier

This post was last updated on November 15th, 2014 at 11:52 pm

There are a lot of tips you can use while fishing that will make your days on the water much easier and efficient. I will outline here some tips that can really come in handy on your next fly fishing trip. Some of these tips are well known, but most people will be able to pick up a hint or two here that should help.

1). The Easy Way of Stringing your Fly Rod

A little know tip used by fly fisherman: String your rod using the thick fly line instead of the leader. Save some time and aggravation by doubling up your fly line while stringing your rod. It is much easier to bring the thicker fly line through your guides than it is to string it up using the tippet and leader! It is also helpful because if you happen to drop the line it won’t slide all the way back down, causing you to restart the entire stringing process.

2). Ever Have 2 Pieces of Your Flyrod that Won’t Come Apart? Use This Tip!

How to dissasemble a fly rod that wont come apartEveryone has encountered a time where your rod will not come apart at the ferrules. After a hard day on the water we sometimes don’t have the energy to get those two pieces apart!

By placing the rod behind your legs and gripping each side of the ferrules tightly with your hands, using your knees you can put outward pressure on the rod with your legs to easily dislodge the stubborn sections. (as shown in the diagram left).

You can also team up with a fellow fisherman and each grip the rod with two hands while using a twisting motion, this should un-stick just about any rod.

Bonus Tip:

To prevent your rod from sticking in the first place, you can rub the ferrules against the side of your nose, this will usually provide enough natural skin oil to prevent the rod from sticking.

3). Storing your Line and Flies on Your Rod:

Tip to keep your flys in good shape on your rod
This tip works especially well with long indicator or multiple fly rigs.

While fishing with a multiple nymph rig or long leaders it’s easy to keep your fly line out of the tip of your rod and all of your flies well organized (tangle free) by using this trick. You simply wrap the line around the reel and place your last fly on one of the upper guides of your rod. This will have you ready to fish quickly by just pulling the line off your reel and tapping the rod. The light tap of your rod will dislodge your fly from the guide and your will be casting in no time flat! This easy method will also prevent any kinks in your leader.