Special Surprise Found in the Net

Funny fishing story A few years ago I went fishing with a couple buddies and a very odd thing took place. This is the story as I recall it:

It all started out a normal day of steelhead and trout fishing in Michigan. We had stopped in to a small cafe for a truly huge breakfast and all feasted, eating way more than we should have. By mid-day my friend (who will remain nameless) decided to succumb to natures call. He barely made it behind some brush and could no longer make it one more step. He slid off his waders most of the way and began doing his duty. With his flyrod leaned against a tree and the net still attached to his neck, his business was finished and he pulled out the toilet paper that he never leaves home without.  He managed to fish the entire rest of the day without netting a fish, but some of us caught quite a few.

As the day concluded we loaded all of our stuff into the car and started driving home, but we we all pretty upset with the fowl odor in the car on the fairly long drive home. With 3 fisherman in a tight car there are bound to be some lingering odors so none of us said much about it, we just kept the windows cracked.

The temperature outside was starting to get a little chilly outside, so it was time to turn the heater on, and that’s when the smell really got bad! In fact it got so bad that we had to stop the car at a gas station and figure out what was going on. We managed to pinpoint the odor to the pile of gear in the back of the truck. After closer inspection and all 3 of us with our backs hunched over investigating the back of the car sniffing intently, we had found the culprit. Apparently when my friend took care of his business much earlier that day, it never actually hit the ground. It was nothing but net, and it was still in there in one piece.. True story! The rest of the ride home there were many jokes made about “brown trout” and how he failed to practice catch and release on that one etc. etc.

Natures Restroom Tips:

Make sure when you go #2 you leave it in the woods.

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