Best Kids Fly Fishing Rod

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A kids fly fishing rod should not be the same as yours, because learning to fish with a powerful stiff fly rod is not ideal for everyone. In this post we’ll talk about the features that make for the best kids fly fishing rod, what features to look for and offer some good brand choices. The best way to get a child interested in going fishing is to buy them a sparkly new fly rod all their own. They will be proud to own it and they’ll want to take to the water and put it to good use!

Selecting the Best Kids Fly Fishing Rod – Best Features

A Light Action, Limber Rod Helps the Learning Process

The first and most important quality of choosing the best fly rod for kids is buying a rod that is not too stiff. Casting long distances and chucking huge flies will require a stiff powerful rod, but your child won’t be doing either of those things right off the bat. A limber lightweight action rod will allow your child to feel the rod load, leading to a much quicker grasp on the proper timing and technique. If a new fly angler can’t feel the rod loading, it will take longer to get the casting basics down. The number one problem I have found in most new anglers is not pausing long enough on the back cast and not knowing when to begin your forward acceleration.

A Rod Shorter Than 9′ Can Help in a Few Ways

A shorter rod will not help them learn to cast better, but a short rod will have some good qualities that will help your new angler get the hang of things. A longer rod will simply weigh more and add extra weight for the child’s young arms. A long rod will also increase the likelihood of it interacting with your face, trees and anything else within the range of the young fly fisherman’s casting. When children first pick up the rod, they will often get a little careless about where their rod is going during the learning process. In short, a shorter rod will be less likely to come in contact with unwanted targets and therefore increase the child’s early casting user experience.

The Top 2 Best Kids Fly Rods

Echo Gecko

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This colorful rod is sure to be a hit with your youngster. It has a lot of great features that will make it a perfect rod for your children. The first great feature I will mention is the extra long fighting butt. This has 2 purposes and is truly a great idea to have on a kids fly rod. It will obviously make bringing in fish much easier, because kids have a hard time keeping the rod at the proper angle while bringing in fish. It will also allow them to fight bigger fish easier because they don’t have the same strength in their arms that we do. Being able to bury the rod into your torso will make for hauling in fish much easier.

Another great reason to have a fishing butt on a youngsters rod is to allow 2 handed casting. Kids have small hands and many of them simply cannot hold the rod with one hand and get enough power to cast any sort of distance.

More Features of this Great Kids Fly Rod

  • Super durable design
  • Comes with an eye catching rod tube that your kid is sure to love
  • Average price is around $100, so it won’t break the budget
  • 7’9″ length, so it’s nice and short for easy catsing
  • Comes in a versatile 5/6 weight size

Redington Minnow Series Rods

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I have been a fan of Redington for a long time. I enjoy their quality rods, great customer service and inexpensive pricing. The Redington Minnow series is a good choice fly rod for kids. They come in a combination, with the reel and the line already installed and ready to go. This rod comes in 8 foot length and is a 5/6 weight size. It’s average price is around $100, so considering it comes with a reel and line – it is certainly less expensive than the Echo above. It has good ratings on Amazon from many buyers, I’m sure you’ll find this kids fly rod to be a great buy.


  • 2 piece rod design
  • Reel with line included
  • 8 foot length
  • 5/6 weight for versatility of trout or other warmwater fish species like bass and bluegill

In Conclusion – Best Kids Fly Fishing Rod

These days, the growing sport of fly fishing has many different fly rod offerings for kids. If there was ever a perfect time to become a fly fisherman, today is it. Technology in fly rods has come a long way and flyfishing has become easier because of it. A kids fly rod that would have costed a fortune many years ago, can now be purchased for a fraction of the price with a great warranty. Hopefully this gives you some solid ideas for the best kids fly rod for your child.