The Sony DSC-TX30/D 18 MP Waterproof Digital Camera

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Sony waterproof digital camera that's perfect for the fisherman. Sony DSC TX30

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If you’re looking for a rugged camera which isn’t too expensive, comes from one of the most trusted electronics brands in the world and looks amazingly stylish, you’ll benefit from discovering the Sony DSC-TX30/D 18 MP Digital Camera. This model comes in a bright, citrusy orange (among other colors), so it’s fun to look at and it also offers a host of features for an affordable price. Today, we’re going to look at the features, benefits and pros and cons of this model

Which Features Does It Have?

First off, you should know that you’ll be able to get this durable camera wet. This is great if you’re into taking outdoor shots. However, if you do take this camera underwater, you won’t be able to utilize the touchscreen in that circumstance. You’ll find that this camera offers a good level of picture quality for its price point, whether the camera is wet or dry. As well, it’s got an ultra-slim design, quick autofocus in an array of lighting conditions and the ability to record video at 1080/60i resolution. Also, it comes with a big and clear touch-screen which features an OLED-type display. This is the perfect fishing camera! It will easily fit into your fly fishing vest and you’ll forget it’s even there. It is also brightly colored, so if you should happen to drop it in the water, you’ll have no trouble spotting it.

People who own this camera love the fact that it doesn’t look quite as rugged as it is! They enjoy its sleek and modern design, find its orange palette fun and enjoy not worrying about getting the camera wet.

This camera features optical zoom to 5 times, plus 10 times clear image digital zoom. It records video for three hours and ten minutes, via an 8 gigabyte flash memory which is embedded. Also, it offers optical “Steadyshot†which stabilizes images via a two-way “active modeâ€. This makes it easier to capture great video footage even when you’re moving around. There are also extra effects for photo, so you’ll be able to tweak images if you’re feeling creative.

Pros and Cons of This Camera

Sony waterproof camera, this is the ideal camera for fishing.In terms of pros, this camera has a lot. It fits into the mid-range price point, so it’s affordable for a lot of people and it looks fantastic. As well, as it is so slim and portable, it’s easy to take from place to place. Since it’s very waterproof, it’s easy to take care of. Also, it takes good pictures and video and offers special effects for photos. It comes with an array of features which make taking great video simpler, so it’s a fine choice for those who love capturing indoor and outdoor action and scenes via their cameras.

Some customers find the battery life of this design to be a little short. As well, a few real-life owners of this Sony design find that its display is hard to see outside, in natural light. As well, a few customers have reported that this design has a weak flash, versus other cameras that they’ve owned. As well, the touchscreen isn’t going to function underwater and the camera is not equipped with GPS.

How to Buy It

You’ll find this camera at larger online retailers and community-based camera shops, department stores and electronics shops. Shopping around online may be the best way to get a great deal on this practical design. I recommend looking at this camera on, due to the super fast shipping and amazing return policy.

Sony is a Japanese electronics company with an impeccable reputation. People who know electronics trust Sony and this is just one more reason to say “yes†to this fun and functional orange camera. If you’re interested in a camera that doesn’t cost too much and offers lots of versatility and just a few drawbacks, this may be the design that you’ve been waiting for. Like all Sony products, it will come with a good warranty.

Cameras at this price point offer some “bells and whistles”, without offering all of them. If you want a mid-range camera, this one is a solid pick and earns good reviews from most owners.