Catching Crab on the Oregon Coast

This post was last updated on July 16th, 2021 at 11:37 am

About a month ago we set off to the coast of Oregon to catch some dungeness crab. We flew out from Michigan, bought some crab fishing gear and went to the Chetco river in Brookings Oregon with our rental van to catch these babies for a campfire cookout! After a full rainy day of crab fishing, we caught a couple keepers, went to the redwoods by the Smith river in Cali and started a fire. I have done a similar video a couple years ago, but this one was super fun to film and was an extra adventure.

We only had what we could fit in carry on luggage, and what we bought at sporting goods stores after arrival. We had a couple very long days of travel, but it was all worth it! Watch as we pull in dozens of huge crab using gear that costed less than 20$. Catching crab on a bigtime budget. We got some cheap airline tickets on frontier airlines (I don’t recommend this) and had a number of layovers and even spent some serious time sleeping in airports to pull this trip off. You won’t want to miss this epic crab fishing adventure!