Cleaning up the Trout Stream One Perp at a Time

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My Dad’s Funny Crusade, Against People Fishing Illegally and Out of Season

Fishing VestI grew up trout fishing in Michigan. My mom was a local police officer in what was a fairly safe town back then. Fortunately she retired since and is now safely out of that crummy area. When I was about 12, my dad and I were up at our favorite stream camping. It is a flies only river and has seen it’s share of worm fisherman and people keeping undersized trout. My dad noticed a guy worm dunking in a deep hole and decided to take a stand.     Inside his car was a bag full of plastic police badges that my mom would give out in schools and during some drug education classes. He pinned that badge on to his fishing vest and went over to have a talk to the guy. He never acted like an officer, or said you can’t do this or that; just casual conversation. It only took 5 seconds or so for the worm fishing violater to pack up his box of worms and evacuate the area in record time.

This badge was placed on his vest over 20 years ago, and it still resides there today. It has fought many battles throughout the years with poachers and other various illegal activities. I cannot remember anyone ever asking him about it. It just sits there commanding the respect and authority it deserves. Having battled years worth of deet and brush busting, I am surprised it still has the shine of a plastic police badge.

Junior Police Badge