Red Bull EBT Approved

Why Can People Buy Red Bull on Food Stamps?

red bull and welfare
I took this image yesterday at a gas station. Now you can buy energy drinks by using our tax dollars.

This is a pretty irrelevant post to the overall subject matter of this website, but I need to share it. I simply don’t understand why the government would allow people to buy energy drinks with tax dollars. Isn’t the point of this “assistance” to help people eat to survive? I should probably get on the government dole and start enjoying life.What could possibly be better than a fishing trip on welfare and food stamps. Imagine a cooler full of cocktail shrimp, red bull and hostess cherry pies. It’s no wonder the economy has taken a dive and the overall desire for people to work has tanked. Do you mean to tell me, I could illegally enter this country by sneaking over the border and get paid money every month? I could never have paid one cent in taxes, but buy the finest food and drinks to live here for free.  This bothers me..

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