Fish hook Removal From Skin

This post was last updated on April 19th, 2014 at 08:47 pm

How to Remove a Fish hook from skin

fish hook removal from skin

This is an easy way to remove any fish hook from your hand or most other body parts. Using this strategy you can have quick and nearly painless fishhook removal.

The first thing to remember is to not panic. Don’t get too stressed out it’s only a small piece of metal and can easily be removed with no permanent damage. You should decide if the hook is really huge or in a very tricky place to pull out you might have to consult a doctor. I have removed fish hooks from many different body parts including noses, ears, cheeks, and even right in the scalp.


  • On the final step of fishhook removal you need to make sure the pull of the fishing line is sharp and fast. If you are tentative you will cause the person with the fish hook more pain. You need to ensure the fishhook is removed in the first pull!
  • Make sure the fishing line isn’t going to break. Don’t use lightweight stuff. If it breaks in mid pull you will surely cause pain to the inflicted person.


Fish hook removal step 1.
You will need a small piece of strong fishing line. Wrap the line around the bend of the hook as shown above.
Fishhook removal step 2
You will need to press or hold downward on the front end of the hook. This is a very important step! By holding down on the fish hook you can prevent it from turning upward and going deeper in the skin. This will allow the hook to be pulled strait out easily.
Fishhook removal painlessly
With the pressure on the front of the fish hook you are now ready for removal. In one sharp hard pull of the thick fishing line you will easily remove the hook. You will be surprised how little this technique hurts. You won’t even feel it coming out it happens so fast.