Elk hair caddis

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Elk hair caddis fly



The Elk Hair Caddis dry fly. This is a versatile dry fly, likely to be in most fly boxes all across the US.
The elk hair caddis is a standard fly in almost everyone’s fly box. A good all around small fly to have. Caddis are plentiful on almost every stream and river in the US. Its a good Idea to carry many of these in several different colors, since they can be found in nearly every imaginable color.


Elk Hair Caddis trout fly pattern
Green Elk hair caddis fly. This is a very common color of caddis. If I had to choose only one color of caddis fly to have in my box I think it would be this color configuration. You could likely turn over a rock in nearly every trout stream in the US and find green caddis fly larva among them.

Tying the Elk Hair Caddis

You will only need a few materials to tie this versatile trout fly pattern

  • Elk Hair
  • Some sort of dry fly dubbing
  • Various colored hackle to palmer the body with

The elk hair caddis is a very easy fly to tie.

  1. Attach the hackle first to the rear of the hook
  2. Apply your dubbing color of choice
  3. Palmer your hackle from the rear of the fly towards the front and tie it off
  4. The final step of the elk hair caddis is to put on the elk hair, this can be easily achieved with a few wraps of thread around the head of the fly.
  5. Finally trim the elk hair with a little extra hanging over the head.

If you were wondering how this trout fly came to be, you can read the history of the elk hair caddis fly here.

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