The Hair Wing Wolf Trout Fly

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White Hair Wing Wolff

The Hair wing white wolf fly pattern. My first memory of trout fishing was watching a huge trout eat a moth that fell from a tree. It was just under a willow and at the time was not a possibility for me to actually present a fly to. The white hair wing wolf fly would have represented that moth perfectly if I was able to get a fly into the fishes feeding zone. White miller? duh yes it will represent that fly with no trouble! I am not certain what the hairwing wolf fly was designed to represent, and frankly it doesn’t matter; it represents a moth easily.  It looks like a standard wolff fly and has the same obvious calf tail wings spent in the same fashion as the royal wolff. If you are under the impression that trout don’t eat moths you are mistaken, trout LOVE spruce moth’s and many other types. The white hair wing wolf fly is a great choice because of it’s ability to be colored to any color configuration on the river if you have the right tools. I will be covering this in a soon to come article.

Tying the Wolf Style Fly

There are only a couple ingredients you need to tie this versatile fly pattern:

  • Grizzly Hackle
  • Calf or “kip tail”
  • The buoyant dry fly dubbing of your choice.

The standard fly tying manner applies to this fly; start at the back and work your way forward. Tie on the calf tail, apply the dubbing and wrap your hackle around the front 1/3 of the hook.

This tremendous fly can be tied in any color configuration possible. It is very versatile and will work all around the nation. As with all flies I have included in this website, it is a good idea to carry some of these on your person while on the river. You never know what kind of flies will be hatching, and this is one that does a good job of representing many different trout flies.

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