Fly Fishing Jean Claude Van Damme Style – Episode 11


double-haul-casting-vandamage I’ll be the first person to admit, this video is off the wall; If not completely idiotic. Watch as I do my best to combine the legendary martial artist Jean Claude Van Damme, with fly fishing for trout. This video is sure to either leave you scratching your head, or to bring a nice chuckle or two.

When I was a youngster I watched every video involving Jean Claude Van Damme. Afterwards, I’d go out into my yard and punch and kick stuff. Now I just set the hook on trout with a Van Damme hookset. What? You’ve never heard of a Van Damme hookset? Check it!

In the first scene of this video, I encounter a moose that was directly in my path. There was only one spot shallow enough to cross this small river and the moose was blocking it. The moose then proceeds to come at me and starts eating trees and grass next to my pile of fishing and camera gear.

Watch the drama and fishing fun explode in this one of a kind fishing adventure. You’ll never see another video like this one. Behold – Van Damage!

Yes, somehow during the filming of this nonsense, I actually do catch a few decent fish. Shown here is a cutty caught on a morrish mouse fly during the day.


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