How to Clean Trout for Cooking

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Write a how-to article about how to clean trout. This article will provide the reader with step-by-step instructions on how to properly clean and gut any trout species following fishing or buying from the grocery store.

Trout are a popular fish, especially for fishing enthusiasts. It is best to clean the fish as quickly as possible after the catch. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to clean trout.

How soon after catching a trout should it be cleaned?

There is a risk of bacterial contamination if the fish are left to sit at room temperature too long, but how soon should you clean a trout after the catch? Ideally, as quickly as possible. However, the key is maintaining a cold internal temprature. Wash off the fish in cold water so that no sand or dirt remains stuck to it. Keep in mind, if you freeze the fish, it will definitely affect the flavor.

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How do you kill trout after catching?

Once you have caught the trout and transported it home, how do you kill a trout to clean? It is not humane to kill a fish in any way not necessary for cleaning.

You need to hold the trout by the lower lip or under its belly, and then use a sharp knife (a fillet blade works well) to cut the spine at the base of the skull. Cut through quickly from head to tail so that no sensation is felt by the fish. The trout will die immediately once the spine is severed.

How to gut the fish

The next step in how to clean trout is how to gut the fish. This process is effective and efficient, but it may seem a little gross if you are not used to cleaning fish. Slice along the belly of the trout. Then reach inside the stomach cavity and remove what remains.

The guts are generally where most bacteria growth occurs, so removing them is very important. Finally, run your hand along the backbone to remove anything remaining from the fish. That’s how to gut trout!

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How to scale the trout

The next step is how to scale the trout. Insert the flat edge of your knife (the blade should face toward you) below a scale and scrape up towards the head. Repeat this with each scale, running the knife in one direction around the body of the fish.

Finally, clean off any remaining scales or tissue by rubbing the dull side of the blade against it. You can also use a descaler tool like this one to make this process even easier.

How to cut off the head and fins

Now you’re ready to cut off the head and fins of the trout. This is an essential step, as it makes filleting much easier. After cutting the head away from the gills, take your knife and gut hook up along the spine until your reach near where the tail begins.

The center is where the spine meets the top of the fin and is the best place to start cutting. Make sure to keep your thumb overtop of the knife and use it as a guide so you do not cut yourself!

How how to fillet

Filleting a trout is how you will actually remove the meat from the bones. You must first cut the flesh away from the bone. Begin by using your fingers to get a feel for how close you are getting to the bone and how hard you need to press.

You can use your knife as a guide, but do not cut into the bone! This means you should not leave more than 1/4 inch of meat between where you start cutting and where the bone ends. Once you remove the section with meat from the bone, turn it over and continue cutting along the next row of flesh until you reach where there is no more meat.

Finally, repeat this process on your other side. When you have finished filleting both sides, look over the meat for any pieces of remaining skin, tissue or bones.

How to remove pin bones

Pin bones are sharp and protrude from inside the fish and cause a lot of people problems. Actually, this process is very simple. Just run your finger along the rib cage and you should feel them. Just remove them with tweezers or pliers.

In Conlusion – How to Clean Trout

Trout is a wonderful fish to eat. It’s low in mercury, high in protein and contains many nutrients that are beneficial for your health like Vitamin B12, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Selenium. And while it may seem intimidating how to clean trout at first glance, this guide should help you get started.

Like any fish, properly cleaning and fileting trout takes practice. Follow this guide about how to clean trout and you should be a pro in no time!