The Importance of Wearing a Wading Belt

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One might think that wearing a wading belt is sort of pointless, but in fact, it is one of the most important pieces of gear. So important, that it could easily save your life! I learned one of my most important fishing lessons on one of my first ever fishing trips. My rubber waders were too big, because I was young (they didn’t make kids waders back then), I also wasn’t wearing a wading belt. I stepped into some very deep water and my waders began filling. Any attempts to swim were pointless, the more I struggled, the more water poured in. After a 20 foot float downstream, I hit shallow water and recovered. If that section of river had been deeper for longer, that would have been my first and last fishing trip. From that day forward I have hated wearing waders at all. If you’ve ever been close to drowning before, it is a very extreme feeling and you’ll never forget it. Had I worn a wading belt that day, the situation would have been no problem.

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Why Should You Wear a Fly Fishing Wading Belt?

A wading belt does a great job of keeping water from filling your waders. Today, it seems that everyone is wearing the goretex or nylon breathable waders. They are comfortable, but they are always very loose. This allows a lot of room for water. Neoprene waders are tight, so with those, a wading belt isn’t really needed. Rubber waders are a thing of the past, but if you still wear those, you surely need a wading belt!

The wading belt is not the most glamorous piece of equipment when it comes to fishing, but a life saving little tool that will be your best friend. Even if you are in an area where there isn’t much water – like on dry land or up high walking along the shoreline – should you trip and fall into deep water, this simple belt can save your life by preventing sinking down too far as well as keeping oxygenated air near your body so revival becomes easier.

One of the Best Wading Belts on the Market Today

Wearing a wading belt could save your life, saltwater wading belts, womens wading belt, fly fishing wading belt

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Wading Belts Can Be a Life Saver!

Don’t risk your life if you’re wading in or near deep water without a belt. If you have to, just use a rope or shoelace in place of a belt–something so simple could save your life if things start to get deep. Hopefully this article convinces you to wear your fly fishing wading belt!

Wading Belts FAQ

What is the point of a wading belt?

Wading belts serve two main purposes – safety and comfort. By wearing a wading belt, you trap air inside your waders. This actually helps you float rather than your waders filling with water when not wearing a wading belt.

How tight should wading belt be?

The wading belt should be snug to your body and preferably have a slight amount of stretch to follow your curves.