Jumpaholics Anonymous – Big Rainbows on Small Dries

This post was last updated on July 11th, 2016 at 12:50 pm

Troutster Flyfishing Experience Episode #3

Large rainbow trout on microscopic dry flies, what could possibly be better? These fish all have serious attitude problems and were not fond of getting hooked.

In this video, we found a small pocket behind a tree that was loaded with XL rainbows. Watch as they are hooked one by one and put on a vertical jumping show that is better than any 4th of July fireworks ever. After a tight sneak through some heavy brush, I manage to capture these fish feeding on small dries at very close range. At the end of this video I hook a fish that was no doubt over 25 inches, watch and see!

This trip took place in early July of 2016 on the South fork of the Snake river in Idaho. On this day there was one of the largest mayfly hatch/spinnerfalls I have ever seen on the South fork. It was strange that not a ton of fish were eating them in the upper sections of the river. In the lower sections on the riffles there was no doubt great action taking place, but we didn’t need it! After finding one tree that was chuck full of giant rainbows, we were happy to cause a serious amount of sore mouths.

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