Slow Water Dry Fly Fishing – Troutster Flyfishing Episode #4

In this video I took to a slow water river in Idaho to go after some very picky trout with small dry flies. I caught a few nice fish and one big rainbow that was hiding under some debris. I attempted to get some video on the Henry’s fork but the water was dirty and it was very windy, the fishing was not good that day. This video does have some good fishing footage and has more talking in it than I usually put in videos. I also toned down the music, so it is a lot more like a typical fishing show. In my future fishing videos I will continue to make them more like this and less like an MTV music video :).

You will see a few species of trout caught here in Troutster episode 4, such as brook trout, rainbow trout and a couple of decent cutthroats. All fish are caught on dry flies and I managed to get some nice hits on camera. I also caught a fish with the drone in the air providing a great overhead view of the catch from start to finish. I do plan to buy more drone batteries so I can get more footage like this in the future. Currently with one drone battery I get about 15 minutes of flight time, which is not nearly enough!

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