Just Finished a Nature Documentary About the California Redwoods

Hi All, I am sorry it’s been a bit since I posted anything. This is not the type of thing
I would normally ever post, but I have been gone for a while filming a short nature documentary about the California redwoods and some of the animals in those forests. I am now back home in Idaho and plan to finish making some fishing videos soon. I have all of the fishing footage, I just need to edit it.

It was tough hauling around my whole fly shop with me on the road and sending orders out everyday. If you placed an order during that time frame, thanks!—I got them done, but sometimes it wasn’t easy!

Fishing season is in full swing now and you can look forward to an array of flyfishing videos and many new posts coming soon. Thanks for coming here, I appreciate you. Please watch my Redwood forest documentary if it interests you. The redwoods are an amazing place to visit. I have tried to capture the full essence of the forests in the video.