Match the Hatch Using the Tinder App Video

If you have never used Tinder before, it is a phone dating app that shows pictures of people in your area. You swipe the picture to the right if you like it, swipe to the left if you don’t. If you and another tinder user both swipe right on each other it is a “match”, at that point you can message each other and potentially meet or whatever.

In this absurd video I go on the tinder app and meet the trout of my dreams. I talk back and forth with this cuttroat trout before she finally tells me what fly to use to catch her. I’m sure you’ve probably never seen this level of idiocy all piled into one fishing video!.. Actually, you probably have if you’ve seen some of my other stuff 🙂

I’ve decided to make some shorter videos than usual in order to make them easier to watch. I have another channel on youtube that I usually post this off the wall funny stuff, but I decided to put this one here. I’m going to try hard to keep most of my future videos under 10 minutes this season. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to the Troutster Flyfishing channel!