Troutster Fly Fishing Survival Float Trip Video

In this video I take to the river on a 2 day, 25 mile long river excursion. I floated away from the boat launch with limited gear and not so much as a lighter or a tent. Relying on my skills as a wilderness bushcrafter, I’ll have to provide my own food and tarp shelter for the duration of the trip. The only type of food I brought was a small box of jiffy flour to cook on the fish, otherwise I was completely relying on my foraging and fishing skills.

I make a shelter out of a tarp and use my drift boat oars as a frame to form an “A frame” type shelter. This was quite quick and easy to build, but provided limited protection from animals and insects.

Fishing in extremely dirty water is nearly impossible on this trip. There was only 2 inches of visibility, which means for the fish to eat my fly, I’d have to literally be touching its nose.. On day one I was only able to eat plants and mushrooms in the form of a soup. On day two I manage to pull off a miracle cutbow trout in the extremely tough conditions.