Redington Palix River Wading Boots

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Palix river wading bootsRedington Palix River Wading Boots

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I have owned these boots for just over a year. They might not be too fancy looking but they are inexpensive and fully functional. I have always had a hard time spending a lot of money on wading boots, because it’s not like I am walking a marathon in them. I actually wore neoprene flats boots for several years as wading boots, because 90% of my time on the river is wading in sandals and breathable pants.

Why I am glad I bought these Redington wading boots:

  • Lightweight
  • They dry out very quickly (especially if you pull out the insole)
  • These boots loosen up all the way down easily for easy removal
  • They are very comfortable (even while wearing with no waders or socks I have not gotten any blisters) I have walked several miles in some mountainous trout streams with no socks and the comfort of these is great.
  • The laces and loops are strong and have not broken, frayed or bent (the lace hooks).


The lightweight Redington Palix river wading boots are comfortable, inexpensive and a best buy as far as I am concerned. They don’t look fancy, but who cares! They have stood up to my abuse for longer than most wading boots I have owned over the years. Just like all of the other Redington products I have owned these are tough as nails and are a good buy for the minimal price. I purchased the rubber bottom version of these boots, but they are also available in felt soles if you would rather (assuming your state hasn’t banned felt soled wading boots)

BUY the Redington Palix River Wading Boot Here at Amazon