Redington Voyant Review

This post was last updated on December 3rd, 2022 at 07:42 pm

I have owned a Redington voyant for just about a year now and it has become a rod I pick up out of my fly rod assortment and use fairly regularly. I have a lot of fly rods and the fact that I pick this one out of my pile on a regular basis says a lot about how much I enjoy this fly rod. I have the 9′ 6″ 4 piece version that I purchased to mainly do 2 things: nymphing and casting streamers. When I say “nymphing”, I mean hardcore 3+ weighted nymphs with a large indicator nymphing. It’s a pretty heavy rig, and to turn it all over easily I opted for the slightly longer version—but I’m not sure I needed it.

The Redington voyant with a 6 weight reel attachedCheck the Current Price on Amazon Here

The Redington Voyant rod has a pretty stout backbone that really can send big flies into orbit without any trouble. I had a gentleman ask me to give him my opinion about choosing one out of three rods he had narrowed down to buying yesterday. I left him a long comment at this post explaining the main differences between the rods. The fly rods that he was/is considering are the TFO BVK, the Orvis Clearwater and the Redington Voyant. Before responding to his post, I pulled out my Voyant—shook it around and eventually ended up casting it in my front yard in over a foot of snow, with a head lamp; in temperatures that were single digits. Since I already had some new fly line I had put on a reel a few days ago that I wanted to try out, I figured what the heck?  What I found was that I could not figure out why I had never done a Redington voyant review?! This rod deserved a spot on my review section, because it has been very good to me.

What I like About The Voyant

9' 6 weight Redington voyant fly fishing rod
This 9′ 6 weight would make a sweet streamer rod, it’s perfect for night fishing with big mouse patterns and could even handle steelhead.

Considering the very reasonable price of this rod, it really is a tremendous deal. If you are on the market for a rod that will haul big flies, big nymph rigs or even chucking mouse flies, this might be the ticket in your price range. After a couple beers I went out onto the road in front of my house and casted it almost into the backing.. This thing has power if that is what you are looking for. If you are searching for a beginner fly rod this is probably not the one for you. You cannot feel it load because of it’s hardcore backbone, but for experienced fly fisherman looking to chuck some weight, this is a good rod. Looking for a bargain steelhead flyrod? This could be it in the form of a 9′ 6″ 6 weight through the 7-8 weight range that this rod is offered in.

The Redington Voyant weighs in at a mere 3.6 oz for the 9′ 6″ 6 weight. That’s not incredibly lightweight, but I can assure you it is light enough for a rod with durability and the fast powerful nature that this fly rod offers. Sure, you could find a lighter rod on the market, but would it be priced at under $200.00? Not with the big fly chucking power/weight ratio that the voyant seems to give us!