Sawyer Personal Water Bottle with Filter

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Filling my sawyer water filter on a fishing trip in Idaho
Filling my sawyer water filter on a fishing trip in Idaho

Sawyer Water Bottle/Filter

A personal water filter is a handy thing to have on those hike in, extreme fishing trips we all take on occasion. After hiking (or rowing) in 5 miles and carrying a couple days worth of water you can start to wonder really quickly why you never purchased a water filter bottle.

All you have to do is take off the lid, scoop up some water, replace the lid and enjoy your ice cold trout stream water. At the inexpensive cost of $40, think about how quickly one of these bottles pays for itself. Water prices of $1.00 or more per bottle can add up quickly unless you are at home with a faucet handy.

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What do I Love about these Sawyer Filters?

Sawyer water fliter bottle reviewBesides all of the previously mentioned benefits, these filters offer many other reasons to own them such as:

  • A one Million gallon guarantee (I would be surprised if you spend enough time outdoors to wear one of these out)
  • I have never had my Sawyer filter ever leak in my backpack
  • You can either suck the water out of the straw or squeeze it into your mouth when you are craving a large gulp
  • Comes with a syringe to backwash the filter in case of large particle causing clogging


On multiple day floating trips in canoes or kayaks I cannot imagine going without one of these filters. They fit nicely into the back of a fly fishing vest and the convenient flip top makes drinking effortless. If you are still buying water for your fishing trips you are wasting too much money..

See the review I made this past summer in the video below about the sawyer personal water filter

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