Slow Motion Tidbits From the Coming Video

I’ve been filming a lot for the next Troutster Flyfishing video. Here are a couple slow motion teaser clips that are going to make it into the next film.

The first one is a big brown trout that was moments from eating a big streamer. He came off the bank in some fast water and was ready to crush it, but he never quite connected. He finally saw the boat and decided to give up. He was so close I actually had to stop rowing the boat because I would have hit him with the oar.

Huge #browntrout 25+ inches chases a streamer. #trout #flyfishing #troutfishing #streamers #streamerfishing

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This next clip is on a small lake in Montana. I found this big rainbow patrolling the bank in search of dry flies, lets just say he found one! I managed to capture the hit pretty good in this video, this was a pretty big fish, and he did make it to the net.