Michigan Steelhead Rivers

A steelhead caught in Michigan on the Pere Marquette river

This post was last updated on March 7th, 2016 at 01:19 amThe Rivers of Michigan that Have Steelhead Runs Update – 03/06/2016: See the new Michigan interactive steelhead river map here – Hot off the press The state of Michigan has a lot of great rivers for steelhead fishing. No matter where you are located … Read more

Skamania Steelhead Trout= Summer Steelhead Fun!

Skamania with a nymph in its mouth

This post was last updated on August 17th, 2021 at 08:18 pm The Skamania steelhead gets its name from the hatchery in Washington that first created it. Skamania trout tend to run in warmer waters than the normal breeds, both the summer and winter runs spawn in later winter to early spring. What sets the … Read more

Great Lakes Salmon and Steelhead

Chris Cornetet holds a nice great lakes steelhead, Great Lakes Salmon, lake erie salmon, lake michigan steelhead, great lakes steelhead, lake michigan salmon species

This post was last updated on August 5th, 2021 at 03:40 pmWhen fisheries can no longer offer healthy products for consumption or the experience needed to draw to consumers to the Great Lakes, it’s up to the officials overseeing them to ward off the trouble.That was the impetus for the introduction of two species of … Read more

Fly Fishing Rods for Steelhead – Rod Weight, Reel and Line Choices

A nice steelhead caught by steve cornetet

This post was last updated on December 24th, 2014 at 07:31 pmChoosing a Fly rod For Steelhead You might be able to convert an existing trout rod you already own into your steelhead rod. Lets go over what size rod is appropriate and what you should consider. Generally I would opt for a crisp 7 … Read more