Fishing Art and Sculptures Found in Various Towns

These are various sculptures, paintings relating to the outdoors that I have came across in my travels. I will add more to this page every time I stumble onto some interesting fishing art.

Full sized canoe wave found in Lewiston Idaho
This very large sculpture was found on the side of the snake river in Lewiston Idaho. It is created entirely from full sized canoes. From the looks of the canoes they are retired from local canoe liveries from the area. Behind the “canoe wave” you can see an interesting fish mural painted on the wall.

Fish Mural painted on a wall in Lewiston Idaho

Spawning Salmon and Steelhead sculpture from Clarkston, WA
This sculpture/series of fountains is right as you enter Clarkston, WA.

Salmon sculpture in Clarkston, WA

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