Trick to Remove a Fish Hook From Clothing (Video)

This post was last updated on August 19th, 2017 at 11:57 pm

There is an easy technique to remove barbed fish hooks from clothing without causing any damage to the fabric. I have never seen anyone else use this strategy, but I have been successfully taking hooks out of various fabric materials for years with ease!

It is somewhat tricky to master this method, so I decided to make a video to give you the most clear and easy to follow demonstration. This is certainly a very different technique than removing a fish hook from your skin, where speed and brute force are what minimize the pain and damage.

With this method you are using careful circular motions and spreading out the fabric carefully in order to allow room for the barb to pull out, without breaking or tearing any of the threads within the material.

I’m sure you guys will find this tip for removing hooks from any type of clothing material to come in very handy. This works on any type and thickness of clothes. I’ve found it to work well on fishing sandal straps and even hats!

No longer will you have to resort to pulling out hooks with pliers and doing any damage to your expensive clothes. Use this #1 tactic for easily removing a hook from your clothing.