The Hunt for Brown October – Troutster Episode 6 – Flyfishing in Montana

In this video you’ll see one of my best acting performances ever. I’m surprised Hollywood hasn’t already given me a call about it. We go in search of a big brown trout in the state of Montana. I manage to catch a bunch of fish in the 20+ inch range, including browns and rainbows. These big trout were all caught on small dry flies and most of the strikes are clearly visible. I was able to get a lot of sweet footage during a very short (less than 24 hour) fishing trip to Montana. There is not only some good footage of fish eating flies, but as usual—there is some great jumping action!

During much of this video I am using a caddis pattern to simulate the spruce moth flies which hatch in the conifers of the MT mountains. Large trout come from the depths to eat near the banks in search of floating moths. I hooked a couple fish that were in excess of 24 inches, but they both managed to go straight down into logs as browns will typically do. Neither of them were put on this video, because they were long casts and the fish were only on for a couple seconds. I did lose a big rainbow trout that offered a nice big jump before tying me up in a logjam, that footage was good enough to include in this video.

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