Redington Blackfoot Vest Review

This post was last updated on December 3rd, 2022 at 07:42 pm

Features I Like:
  • The mesh dries out quickly and prevents overheating on those long hikes
  • A nice soft neck collar to prevent chaffing
  • 2 Large rear pockets for carrying water, flashlights and other large essentials (one is mesh only the other is quick dry fabric)
  • No zipper in the front of vest, it closes with a nice big clip which makes it easier with frozen hands and extreme ice covered conditions.
  • A velcro covered fly patch is included on the top left pocket

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Why Buy a Redington Blackfoot Vest – Redington Blackfoot Fishing Vest Review

I love not worrying about extensive drying time after a rain, or if I happen to take an accidental swim. If you forget this vest is in the back of your car for a few days soaking wet, when you do find it, the smell is likely not going to be too bad because the mesh portions of this lightweight vest will have probably already dried out.

This Redington vest has a combination of velcro and zippered pockets. The larger pockets that will hold expensive gear such as fly boxes will be safely zipped up and the commonly used items such as tippets are easily accessible with a tug on the smaller velcro pockets.

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Summary – Redington Blackfoot Vest Review

This vest is not loaded with a bunch of excess bulk, it has just enough space to make your trip a reality without overdoing it. This is also available in kids sizes so you and your son can style and profile simultaneously. At a really cheap $40 it is hard to go wrong with this vest! I have owned mine for one full year and have experienced nothing but pleasure from it. No rips, tears or issues of any kind (and I am hard on gear). I feel confident recommending this vest to anyone looking for an inexpensive and versatile fly fishing vest. Redington gear and clothing is top of the line, you won’t regret giving them a try. Hopefully this Redington Blackfoot vest review was helpful!