Tying the Green Caddis Larva

One of my favorite Green caddis larva patterns

Green Caddis Larva Patterns One of the most widely distributed aquatic insects is the caddis. The green caddis larva fly is usually very easy to tie and is an absolute essential in every trout anglers fly box. In this post I’ll show you how I tie one of my personal favorite caddis larvae patterns (above). … Read more

Tying a Beadhead San Juan Worm

How to Tie a San Juan Worm Fly copy

How to Tie The San Juan Worm Fly The San Juan worm is a time tested pattern that produces fish a lot of times when all other flies fail. They are so easy to tie, that everyone should have a healthy supply of them for those rainy days. In the following video, I’ll show you … Read more

Fly Tying Dubbing – Types and Uses

The types and uses of various fly tying dubbing

Learn the Differences in Fly Tying Dubbing and When to Use Them Using the correct dubbing for your flies can make a huge difference in how effective they are. If you use rabbit fur dubbing for your dry flies for instance, they are much more likely to take on water and sink prematurely. In this … Read more

Discover the History and Evolution of Fly Tying

Color plate from 1860 showing how to tie flies

This post was last updated on December 29th, 2015 at 12:50 amFly Tying’s History Most historians believe that Chinese fishermen were the first to utilize artificial flies, with a mind to catching more fish! The first known design featured the feather of a kingfisher, which functioned as hook-style bait. This fly dates back to several … Read more

Barbless Hooks for trout

barbless hooks for brown trout

This post was last updated on December 24th, 2015 at 02:11 amThe Use of Barbless Hooks Can be Much Easier on You and the Trout In some areas it actually the law to use barbless hooks, Most places it is not however. That doesn’t mean that you cannot trim the barbs off your hooks. If you … Read more